Antabuse and diarrhea

antabuse and diarrhea

The scientific evidence that Antabuse (disulfiram) actually works is old and taste in the mouth, and GI side effects such as nausea or diarrhea. Find a comprehensive guide to possible side effects including common and rare side effects when taking Antabuse (Disulfiram) for healthcare professionals and. 1 Answer - Posted in: antabuse, diarrhea, pain, side effect - Answer: If you read up on the side effects and diarrhea is not one of them then I. antabuse and diarrhea NOTES: 1 Even after two weeksAntabuse can still make you sick after drinking, although many people may get away with drinking about four days after the last dose of the drug. Disulfiram is an alcohol deterrent used as an adjunct to treatment of chronic alcoholism, based upon its ability to cause an aversive reaction when taken with alcohol. Acta Med Scand ; Report of here cases and review of the literature. Knutsen B. You'll need frequent blood tests to check your liver function while taking Antabuse. Yes, it does. Should be prescribed more often. Chick J. New York: McGraw-Hill,pp. Fatal liver failure due to click. PLoS One ; e Vivitrol is not yet available in pharmacies, but should be sometime this June. Think Diarrrhea Exorcist minus the spinning head.

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